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Thanks for your support! Cloud City Botanicals is a social enterprise business and has provided $6262 in scholarships for at-risk youth at Lake County High School as well as providing youth outreach classes. 

What is a social enterprise? It is defined as a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. 


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Products sold: Candles, Lotion, Facial Masks, Lotion Bars, Body Butter, Bath Bombs, & Sugar Scrub.

  • Our products have very moisturizing and natural ingredients.
  • Minimal packaging, to reduce consumer waste.

A note from the founder:

On March 2, 2020, I taught my first class at Lake County High School. I taught a group of youth in the after-school art program--we made lip balm with some great ingredients like coconut oil and rice bran oil! We used really fun flavor oils in the balms like Watermelon, Dulce De Leche, and Cupcake Frosting.

The 7-8th graders were very enthusiastic! They loved measuring out all the ingredients & pouring everything into the lip balm tubes. They asked some really great questions!

They were all given blank labels and markers for their balms and they were instructed to design labels for their product. They did a great job!

Little did ANY of us know, that in a short time, the entire state and most of the country would be shut down.

When will I be able to return for other classes? When will any of our lives return to normal? Everything seemed to change in a moment. 

 I know that I'm not alone in my concern for family and friends with Covid risk factors and I'm so happy that vaccines are on the way!

Take care and stay safe everyone,


Welcome to the Website of CLOUD CITY BOTANICALS

Please purchase our soy candles! They are handmade in Colorado with soybean wax and pure essential oils and fragrance oils. SOLD AT: 



Miss Nora O'Keefe's candy store. Located at 320 E. 6th. St, Leadville, Co, 1906-1918. 

I often wondered how it must have been to live in Leadville in Victorian times.... the difficult & dangerous work of the miners and the excitement of the newly made millionaires. The throngs of humanity making their way through the dirt streets. The ladies of the night & the prim society women in their long dresses and stiff lace collars .....and of course, the hundreds of businesses and mercantiles, many of which seemed to open overnight. What would these Victorians think of an online store? I think that they would be pretty amazed to say the least!  

I've always loved Leadville's nickname "Cloud City" (at 2 miles high the city is sometimes IN the clouds), hence, the name "Cloud City Botanicals".